Hero 30- National TV


No actors were used here, all real people with real stories.
Careful to follow all safety precautions and then some, we shot this in four cities over five days during the pandemic. Many of the hurdles we faced became opportunities. Interestingly, the idea of directing this largely remotely and having our DP do the same allowed us to chase an insanely tight turnaround effectively while keeping the look and performances consistent across locations. And because I was also the editor, we were able to jump right into the cut day after without my having to burn much time logging before delivering a first cut.
Having shot full gate on the Alexa LF Mini, crops for social were a breeze. From the wealth of footage, we ended up cutting dozens of spots in up to four aspect ratios each.
Creative by Co:Collective
Director/Editor: Matt Lincoln
DP: Michael Crommett
Produced by MCM
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